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G.P.R. Italia® S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as GPR ITALIA), founded in 1968, while maintaining the status of a tailor-made company in the construction and customization of products has grown in production capacity and type of items offered over the decades, coming to be one of the main players in the current market after-market exhausts for motorcycles.

The mission of GPR ITALY is to satisfy customers through the search for special designs: both for the shape of the product and for the many materials and colors offered, it is the customer who practically “builds” the perfect exhaust for his bike. The design is combined with the search for maximum performance in compliance with current regulations, thanks also to the solutions and technologies developed for motorsport and which are then used in the production of silencers for the public.

The Management promotes Quality and its principles through the continuous improvement of company performance, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the activities carried out and the enhancement and satisfaction of all the realities and resources towards which the Company has responsibilities, such as customers, employees, suppliers and the social context concerned.

This Policy, in line with the Company’s strategic objectives and appropriate to the dimensions, impacts and risks of its activity, defines the commitments that GPR ITALIA assumes on the basis of the Company’s values and objectives:

  • Pursuing continuous improvement:
    • Defining clear and measurable objectives and targets annually.
    • Verifying the results and promoting improvement actions.
    • Promoting the monitoring and improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring legislative compliance in all areas of its activity:
    • Keeping active a continuous monitoring of the compliance with the applicable legislation, meaning by this also the national and international technical standards and the specifications agreed with the customer.
  • Involving all stakeholders:
    • By making workers, suppliers, customers and all those who have a legitimate interest in GPR ITALIA aware of the commitments of the Policy and the aspects of quality.
    • sensibilizzando e motivando i lavoratori, a tutti i livelli, anche attraverso la formazione, nel processo di miglioramento continuativo delle prestazioni con l’obiettivo di renderli consapevoli dei loro compiti e responsabilità nell’ambito del sistema di gestione
    • Sensitizing and motivating workers, at all levels, also through training, in the process of continuous improvement of performance with the aim of making them aware of their tasks and responsibilities within the management system
      promoting discussion and dialogue with all stakeholders (workers, customers, suppliers, public authorities, citizens, etc.) and taking into account their requests.

The Management recognizes as a strategic choice for its business activity the development of a Quality Management System certified according to the standard of ISO 9001:2015 and is involved in the implementation of this commitment by ensuring and verifying that the Policy is understood, shared, implemented and enforced by all employees and collaborators of GPR ITALIA, as well as shared with all stakeholders.

The Policy is continuously reviewed by the Management to ensure that its staff is aware of its contents and is committed to implementing them, and that all stakeholders are always informed of GPR ITALIA’s reference context and its evolution.

L’Amministratore Delegato
Giuseppe Orlandi

Cerro al Lambro, 29/12/2021

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